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  • Interviews with our foreign visitors and penpals - Juin 2014

    Now, we are surrounded with English : it’s present everywhere, in every form. The question that comes up to my mind is what does English bring people, and what points of view do they have about France ? To answer this question, I decided to ask my pals Luis, from Spain, and Christina, from China, plus our English-speakers assistants, Pascale, from Canada, and Pierre, from England.
    How do they deal with English ?
    Pascale was raised with both English and French. In her family, both languages (...)

  • Can NekNomination become something good? - June 2014

    • Neknomination is an online drinking game. The concept is simple but not without risks. The original parameters of the game require the participant to film themselves drinking a pint of an alcoholic beverage in one gulp and upload the footage to the web. The participant then nominates three others of his friends to do the same. The nominated person has to complete the task within 24 hours. The objective is to maximize the sharing of the video on Facebook or Twitter. And (...)

  • How does the bridge to join Ásgard form? - June 2014

    The Rainbow
    (Pour expliquer la problématique: In Norse mythology, the rainbow named Bifröst is the “bridge” which provides access to Asgard, the realm of the gods, guarded by the god Heimdall. Men were always fascinated by the rainbow, it is found in many other mythologies [example: • In Greek mythology, the path between heaven and earth was created by the messenger of the Olympian gods, Iris. She used it to bring messages from the gods to mortals. • For the ancient Irish, the secret the hiding (...)

  • Do you, as J. Gatsby did, believe in the green light ? - Juin 2014

    What’s a green flash ?
    A green flash is an optical phenomenon, such as a mirage, but it is not an optical illusion. You can see it at sunset or sunrise. It is a sudden moment (it does not last more than one second or two), when a part of the sun suddenly changes color from red/orange to green/blue so that’s why we describe it as a flash due to the ability of the air to separate the colors of the light. It is a rare phenomenon, and we can also observe it with the moon. It usually occurs on (...)

  • What is the destiny of a frog eater in the Far West ? - Mars 2014

    My first presentation will by on an international topic, so I am going to tell you the story of my extraordinary trip in the USA. first I’ve made a contact with the family who would host me. After a couple of e-mails and many phone call they told me that they would be very happy to accommodate me in their home. Note that I didn’t ask an organization to find a family for me , I wanted to do my own trip ! To tell you all, my host family is a longtime friend of my family. My Mom met them (...)

  • Is UAV the future of military aviation ? - March 2014

    ● Is UAV the future of military aviation ?
    First, what is a UAV ? It means “unmanned air vehicle”. This term is used to refer to military combat drones. These aricrafts have no on-board pilot. Operational drones are predominantly under real-time human control, according to the levels of autonomy of the UAV and data communication. The pilot (also called operator) is based at the air field, in a specific section, which looks like a real cockpit.
    I will develop two mains parts (...)

  • What happens when French people are lost in the USA? - March 2014

    Social differences in everyday life in the USA and France What happens when French people are lost in the USA?
    France and the USA are often considered as a similar part of the occidental world, but their peoples have sometimes dissimilar behaviors in their everyday life. The way they live and the feelings they give to the others are very different and specific to the country.
    The American society is the self-made-man society, and this shows that it is more important for American people to (...)

  • Smoke alarms - Mars 2014

    How can we prevent a family from dying in the fire of their house ?
    In France, there are about 12,000 victims of smoke inhalation from fires per year. So a law has been passed in 2010 in France, making smoke detectors mandatory in all private housing by March 8, 2015. There are three different types of smoke detectors, the most widespread in the world are : The optical or smoke detector - The ionization smoke detector, which is banned in France especially because it contains a (...)

  • What do you obtain in combining the Incredible Hulk and Cerebro? - March 2014

    The Gamma knife, a non-invasive neurosurgery technical using precision at its best.

  • Nail Polish - February 2014

    Nail polish is a cosmetic product which protects, conceals defect in the nail and makes it nicer. It’s used mainly by women and today, the trend of nail polish has been launched : it’s as important as jewelry or clothes for people who wants to be fashionable. We can find a lot of nail polish colors and many brands are on the cosmetic market as luxury brands. But in a traditional nail polish, there are many toxic chemical components because to make nail varnish you need plasticizer agents, (...)