Conference of Dr. Lewney in Fulton Manor School - Lycée Blaise Pascal Rouen

Conference of Dr. Lewney in Fulton Manor School

, par Meidy B.

Conference of Dr. Lewney in Fulton Manor School

During our trip to London, we visited Fulton Manor School where a man called Doctor Lewney did a conference about rock guitar science.
He explained us lots of interesting things, such as how his electric guitar can emit a sound and how sound spreads. He tried to explain us how the vibrations of the guitar strings might be applied to the particles we are all made of : it is the string theory. Besides, he told us that though we just know the first dimension, the second dimension and the third, there are many more dimensions. He showed us an animation representing the fourth dimension and he said that time is the eleventh. We didn’t really understand everything he said about dimensions, we think that it was a bit difficult. Besides, we needed vocabulary, because this conference was for native speakers, but we were proud to understand the global meaning of his conference.
He also made reference to the LHC, the Large Hadron Cooler, build near Geneva by the CERN, The European Organization for Nuclear Research, to reproduct the Big Bang. Scientists found that particles called neutrinos can go faster than the speed of light thanks to it. With this device, scientists hope to find new particles in the future, and especially one called “Higgs boson” which would validate the string theory or not...
We were very surprised during this conference because the link between music and science isn’t really obvious. Switching from rock to physics was very original ! It’s an amazing idea to explain physics by playing music !!
What’s more, he explained us how the universe was created, and the universe expansion, and he said that he was doing his conference now, at a moment when researchers don’t know precisely what happened but that we would be those who would do the researches and may be one of us, present in this meeting, would discover the answers. His conference was very interesting but, at the end, we had a headache due to the sound of his guitar. In spite of the difficulty to understand, it was a very rewarding experience for us, students of “terminale”.

To watch the conference "Einstein meets Hendrix", go to :

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