"Future comes with ICT" in France. - Lycée Blaise Pascal Rouen

"Future comes with ICT" in France.

, par A. Pouliquen

Our meeting in France for the project "Future comes with ICT"

The first day ; on Monday afternoon, we welcome our partners at 17h30 in the school.

On Tuesday morning, we did a virtual presentation of our school for the partners. Afterward, we did an activity to « getting to know each other ». We finished by a real visit of our school following by a French breakfast. In the afternoon, we organized activities in chemistry and biology about the environment (green house gases and so on) and a questionnaire on the topic Comenius (How do we use ICT before and after the project ?). In afternoon, our school prepared French lunch at the cafeteria. After that, we made a PowerPoint of ICT’s tools. We explained our Ingeniory Sciences’ project. We did a robot called Prehistobot for a contest.

On Wednesday morning, it was the departure of the whole group at 8:00am. We went to Rouen, and the partners visit all the famous building of this City until 12:00am. After they found clues and missing words for a treasure hunt, we all met at the final place. We received gifts some candies ! Finally in afternoon, we return to the school to have a lunch. And the rest of the day we went to the ice skating.

Thursday morning we went to Versailles’ Castle in bus, and we visited it. In afternoon, we lunched on the gardens of the castle. After we went to Paris near the Eiffel Tower, and we had a liberty time ! Finally, we said good-bye to the Norwegians.

On Friday morning, the Italians return to their country.

To conclude we had great time with Norwegian and Italians. It was a short week, full of activities.

By Agathe, Etienne and Romain icones_peda