A television report on Cyceron. - Lycée Blaise Pascal Rouen

A television report on Cyceron.

, par A. Pouliquen

The project has been proposed to us by our teachers. After a little time to think about it, we accepted the project. It has for goal to realise a short news report ( 2 to 4 minutes ) for TV or radio. A journalist helps us to make it. We thought to an idea for the news report which was « nuclear to cure ». We wrote a motivation letter and a synopsis. We sent the twice to a jury who selected us with seven others group.

The journalist gives us an appointment to talk about the project and how it will work. During it we fixed a date for the filming.
The 17th of March we went to Cyceron, during the report we interview some searchers who answered to our questions, which were prepared before the filming. This work took around half a day.
Then we fixed the 21st of March as the date to do the making of the news report.

Finally, on March the 28th, we went to « l’Omnia » ( cinema ), and all the eight news report had been broadcast.

By Julie, Julien, Guillaume and Thibaut. icones_peda