The masterclass day - Lycée Blaise Pascal Rouen

The masterclass day

, par A. Pouliquen

On the 27th of March, the Thursday, we went to L.A.L. In Orsay. We left the school at 7h30 in bus. We arrived at 9h30 because of traffic jam and after, we ate a breakfast. We saw conferences on particles’ physics. Afterward, six peoples showed us their jobs in the physics laboratory for two hours. They presented the different jobs : administration, micro-electric, electronic, researcher, engineers... After that, we visited an old particle accelerator. Closed to the accelerator, there were different activities like : a simulation, a cloud chamber which allow to see the particle movement, the action of magnetic field....
At lunch, we ate, outside, some pizzas with drinks, fruits... at the same time that an Orlean’s school.
During the afternoon, we worked about particles’ meeting, on a computer for finding Z-boson. We worked by 2 and when we finished, we called a Marseille’s school, Italien’s school, German’s school and others, which did the equivalent work in the same time. During the video conference, we gathered all the results for pooling. We compared our results at those of CERN.

by Amaël, Mathilde et Nathan icones_peda