Our trip in Norway. - Lycée Blaise Pascal Rouen

Our trip in Norway.

, par A. Pouliquen

It started on a fabulous Monday, when we took this minibus. We were tired but happy to go to this unknown country. We arrived at the airport of Roissy Charles De Gaules. All of us are exited to take the plane soon.

The travel took two hours to Oslo ;it was two hours of happiness. After, we met the Italians, and we talk together about what will we do this week. We saw the beautiful landscape of Norway during the path in bus to Hønefoss.
Norwegians welcome us with their families. It was the first contact and a good beginning. We joined our correspondents ( Italians, Norwegians or both), and we went to our host family. We could discover typical meals and customs during the week. We have eaten salmons, reindeer meat, fishes and Scandinavian meatballs.

On Tuesday, we went to Norwegian classes, and we discussed after all together about the differences and the similarities in our countries. Norwegian pupils are freer than us, but they are more hard-working. After school, they have different activities like music or sport, which are organized by cities.

On Wednesday, we met all in school to do a ’’photo story’’ about different subjects in Hønefoss in groups of mix of nationalities. We had to choose a topic and after a walk around the area to take photos and create a film or a slide-show, we presented our work on Friday morning, and teachers should elect the winner. On the evening, we ate pizzas all together in the restaurant of Peppes Pizza, then ; we went to "Freezone," a big disco.

On Thursday, we visited Oslo. The weather was cloudy, but we were happy to discover this town. We caught sight of the island of the massacre of 2011. Norwegians were fear during this event. We saw the famous Vigeland park, the parliament, the royal palace and the rotation of guards, the opera, the national theater and the Nobel Peace Prize Center. On the way of the return, we went to one of the biggest ski-jumping hills of Norway and probably of the world !

On Friday, on the morning, we saw all the presentation made Wednesday. Justine’s group has won the competition. At noon, we were forced to take the bus to back home. We were all sad. Finally, we arrived at high school at 22h.
The travel in Norway was one of the best for the part of our group. It was an unbelievable experience.
The families were all very great, and we learnt a lot of things.

Chloé, Florian, Gabriel, Léa and Victor .