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This is England

, par jeannegonach

Le 6 novembre, Mme Seille, Mr Harter et Mme Gonac’h ont accompagné l’ensemble des étudiants en BTS CPI au cinema l’OMNIA à Rouen pour assister au festival du court-métrage “This is England” (lien). A partir des mots clés de chacun des films, les étudiants ont eu à rédiger un résumé de ces films en anglais. Voici une sélection des meilleurs résumés.

“Beverley” tells the story of a young mixed-race woman who moves with her family in a neighborhood near London. In this new city, she will meet a group of skinheads and young people who belong to the national front. She will become friend with some of them. She will experience love and friendship but also peer pressure that will give birth to problems (racism, etc.)

“James” is a short movie about a poor man who got a job provided he let his son be used in a medical experiment against the small pox in 1796. This film is a historic fiction based on a true story. Dr Jenner used James in order to create the vaccine against the small pox and he succeeded.

“Copycat” is a short movie that speaks about the history of horror films. We can hear R. Kanefsky and W. Craven two famous film directors who are interviewed. The movie focuses on plagiarism.

“Coach” is a fiction movie about a divorced father who wants to attend a football game in France with his son, who is a teenager. On their way to the French stadium, their car broke down. In the parking lot where they stopped, they met English supporters who propose to give them a ride. Once they sit in the ‘coach’, problems with the supporters occurred because they are hooligans. English supporters used violence against French supporters.

“Two films about loneliness” is a short animation movie in which the screen is split in two parts that correspond to the worlds of two single men. One is recording his online dating profile while next door, the other, a hamster, is recording a video on which he is cooking his favourite dish. Both characters feel lonely and isolated. It is a picture of contemporary society.

“Lashes” is a short film about a love story between teenagers, Ashes who loves Jason. The young girl has doubts about Jason’s fidelity after her best friend has told her she slept with him. After this, she is very sad but she also realizes that she has been superficial because of him. Thus, at the end, she removes her makeup, her fake hair, and starts a new life.